Gym’s FULL.

I went to the gym yesterday. The parking lot was at max capacity. I walked into a line of people filling out their new membership sheets, and the gym was FULL. I instantly felt like uncle Eddie on Christmas Vacation,”Shitter’s Full.” I promise I’m not a jerk, but these are the things that go through my mind. Plus it was Christmas like yesterday, so here we are…


Every New Year brings the massive wave of new gym members.

For 10 years she’s been saying this year I will lose the weight. For ten years she’s failed.  For 10 years she’s made the same New Years Resolution. Each year there’s a different reason for failure but they all center around self sabotage, no self love, and lack of confidence. With each New Year she grabs her gym bag out of the closet, laces up those shoes, and heads to the gym.

This is THE year she’s going to do it.

She’s about 100 pounds over weight. She feels uncomfortable in her gym clothes and out of place among the ‘fit’ people. She hides her face by looking down at the ground, puts her bag on the bench, and heads to the treadmill in the corner without making eye contact with a soul. She starts slow but makes a decent effort ending around the 25 minute mark. She’s tired, feels a little guilty knowing she could do more, but is ready to leave the over-crowded, day after New Years gym. She did it. She made it through gym day one.

But all you see is this…

You’ve been going to the gym for years now. It’s part of your daily routine and you love it. You walk in, head held high, put your bag in your spot and head to your first workout. You are instantly annoyed, and it shows, the gym is BUSY. There are people everywhere. You see a new girl on your favorite machine. She looks ‘lazy’, ‘unhealthy’, and just doesn’t belong in your gym. You catch the eye of a gym buddy and you say it loud enough for most around you to hear because this is your gym and you want her to hear it. “Don’t worry, most of these people will be gone by February!” You both laugh it off and get to your workout.

Problem is, this is HER year to do it.

If health is our number one priority, and we want everyone to live a healthy life style, why are people so quick to belittle others just starting their journey?

We all start somewhere.

Let’s encourage people, lead by EXAMPLE. You don’t have to be out there coaching the masses. Be that friendly person at the gym who might be a little quiet, but leads with a smile. No one likes the person at the gym who hovers and offers unasked for advice, that’s another topic. Just be kind. Be a silent supporter, and heck maybe even eventually a friend. We all make judgments based on what we see, we all have our opinions, but in this instance keep it to yourself. Don’t you think that girl in the gym already feels what you’re thinking? Hopefully she doesn’t, but in many cases she does. Don’t make it that much easier for someone to quit or doubt their ability or worth.

Keep the assumptions to yourself and lead with kindness and a smile.

I was once that girl who was over weight, uncomfortable, and nervous at the gym. I wanted to hide, get in, and get out. I avoided eye contact. I avoided people. I avoided the judgment, real or in my mind.

I will be the first one to tell you the New Years gym crowd annoys the absolute SHIT out of me, but I get in, I get out, and I do it with a smile. I’m still antisocial at the gym, but hey, there’s a smile on my face while I secretly die inside trying to avoid any and all human interaction.



In honor of the New Years Gym Wave I’m going to feature some of my favorite health, workout, or fitness accessories. Some of the stuff I use, like, and have found helpful in my health J O U R N E Y…sounds so magical…

These are affiliate links, so there’s that.

First up the Running Girl Sports Bra.  This brand says medium support, but I’d say its a bit above medium. Am I running marathons in this one, no. Am I ever? But seriously, comfortable, just the right amount of support for weightlifting and moderate cardio, and the most important part is it doesn’t sink into my fat rolls and cause a scene. Affordable and good quality so far.



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