Easy Low Calorie Meals

Here are a few of the Low Calorie Meals I’ve been loving lately. I’m a chip lover so these Pita Chips really fill me up and satisfy that chip craving. I don’t do bread, pasta, or anything with too many carbs. These are my only carbs for the day if I have it.

Easy Guacamole. Mash 1 avocado, and mix in Pico. I buy my pico pre made from Hyvee or Walmart. Rather than dicing everything and buying all the ingredients, this is so much easier. Mash the avocado and mix in the pico. This meal is so satisfying and GOOD. If I had to make the pico first, it probably wouldn’t happen. 😉


Hummas with Everything Bagel Seasoning and celery. The plain hummas, at my grocery store, is cheaper than the ones with all the extra stuff. I buy the plain and add seasoning.


Need more protein? Go for tuna. Easy to pack, easy to make, and you can make it your own. I take 1 pack of tuna, 1 serving mayo, diced pickles, yellow mustard, and pepper. Again with my favorite pita chips, so filling and good.


We’ve been on a chicken breast kick lately. I get SO BORED with the normal Olive Oil and Salt, pepper. These spices, SO DANG GOOD. Zero calories and taste great. I thaw out my chicken, season, let sit in the fridge for about 1 hour, then bake. The whole family loves these. You can also add these to your plain hummas.

I’m more successful when I plan ahead. I can’t just wing it. I don’t have to meal prep, but having stuff in the house that’s EASY is the key to my success. I have to be really motivated to meal prep beyond a day or two. This is my middle ground. Nothing ground breaking or news worthy, but that’s just it. Your meals don’t have to be revolutionary. They have to stay within your caloric goals, and keep you satisfied, nothing more. Don’t over-think it.


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