Thank You Amberlynn Reid.

I have something to admit.

I’ve fallen down the Amberlynn Reid or ALR rabbit hole on YouTube. I normally watch her videos on her channel, or I watch the reaction channels. MichaelBePetty, YouTube Underground, Zachary Michael, Willow Davis, and Charlie Gold.

I rarely feel the need to voice my opinion, I normally watch because the reaction channels have great personalities that I relate to, and even with all of ALR’s flaws I still genuinely want her to succeed. It’s addictive in all the wrong ways. I go into these videos knowing damn well she’s the same person, still having hope that she will change, and then at the end of the video I’m pissed that she didn’t change over night. It’s a vicious cycle. That’s a hot button word right now if you are a fellow ALR viewer.  Like I said, after YEARS of watching I rarely feel the need to voice my opinion other than a random comment on a reaction channel here and there…until now.

Two videos were recently posted by Amberlynn:

‘572.4 pounds’ and ‘Update’

In the video ‘572.4’ Amberlynn goes into this long drawn out list of  all the ‘resolutions’ she has planned for 2020. Let me give you the short version. A few topics outside of weight loss and then the other 75% was about or centered around weight loss.

The most recent video ‘Update’ is what set me off.

She explains how 2020 is not off to the start she wanted. She’s been sick. She then goes into talking about how her channel is NOT a weight loss channel. Her channel is, and has always been about HER. Basically we go from giving us a LONG list of all the reasons why she needs/wants to lose the weight and now two videos later we are given all the reasons why she doesn’t need to share her weight loss journey on her channel. You’re right, you don’t have to share it, but don’t bait us into 120 reasons why you need/want to lose weight and then say, nope, not sharing that. That got me just annoyed enough, but then the REAL shady business started.

ALR claims to love January because that’s when all the weight loss channels “come out of hiding,” make all their resolutions, and then “by March” they’re all gone again. WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST HEAR? This girl has been on YouTube, talking weight loss for SIX YEARS. All she has done is turned supporters into haters, gained weight, and bought more junk. I would say I can’t believe she would say that, but then again consider the source. Her only ‘job; is YouTube. She literally could wake up each morning, plan her meals, workout once she’s able, film, edit, and go to bed. Her audience isn’t expecting cinematic glory every time she uploads a video. She claims she doesn’t have content to make. Film yourself trying. Film yourself doing literally anything positive. You have an audience, you’ll get the views, just TRY.

So, after all that, I guess what I’m saying is: THANK YOU.

Thank you Amberlynn for giving me that boost of energy and motivation to get off my ass, get to the gym, and stick to my plan. Thank you for being so willing to belittle those of us who are trying, while at the same time belittling your audience for WANTING you to try. We have come out of ‘hiding’ and we are staying out this time. When March comes around and I’m already down some pounds, I hope you are too, but after SIX YEARS of saying it I feel like I know the answer.

If you don’t want to be a weight loss channel, you don’t have to, but please stop sharing all the weight loss stuff all together. You can’t share your failures and frustrations with your audience and then when they try to help say, “this isn’t a weight loss channel.” Contrary to what you may think in your negative mindset, the majority of people want to help, they want you to succeed. Stop setting yourself up for failure and then lashing out at your audience. Stop making promises to yourself and then using your audience as an excuse to break those promises. They just want you to try.

You are accountable for you. Your actions affect you. If your channel is about you, then the blame is on you.

I doubt ALR will ever see this.

Maybe I should start a weight loss channel. I want ALR to have someone to “silently support” beyond March…



If you’d like to check out some of the commentary/reaction channels there are MANY on YouTube.


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