Lose It Weight Loss Challenge: 2nd Weigh In 1/17/20

The team name CEREAL KILLERS, is perfect for a few reasons. My best friend loves her some cereal, and I spend much of my time watching serial killer shows. So when I was searching name ideas, that was IT. Plus I’d like to think we’re going to kill this weight loss challenge!

This is my first ‘Lose It Weight Loss Challenge” update. I plan to share my daily weight, calories, and workouts. Eventually I’ll share some progress photos as well. We weigh in every other Friday, so that’s when I’ll share these updates. I also plan to share a success from that day, and something that needs improvement.

January 1st I was 271 lbs. I decided to get a jumpstart on the challenge and start ahead.


Monday January 6th (Start)

  • Weight: 261.8 lbs
  • What I ate: 1,377 Calories
  • Workout: 30 minute Treadmill, 20 minute Lift
  • Success: My weight January 1st was 270.
  • Needs Improvement: My effort at the gym.

Tuesday January 7th

  • Weight: 259.8 lbs
  • What I ate: 1,365 Calories
  • Workout 30 minutes Treadmill, 20 minute Lift
  • Success: I’ve been pop free for a week now.
  • Needs Improvement: I had an Egg McMuffin for breakfast. It fit into my calories but I can save the money and a few calories and make one at home.

Wednesday January 8th

  • Weight: 259 lbs
  • What I ate: 1,482 Calories
  • Workout: 30 minute Treadmill
  • Success: I fasted from 4PM on Tuesday until 10am Wednesday. A solid 16 hours.
  • Needs Improvement: I caved at dinner and had a few bites of the Mac ‘n’ Cheese I made for the girls. I know what it tastes like. It’s nothing new, and I don’t need it!

Thursday January 9th

  • Weight: 258 lbs
  • What I ate: 1,638 Calories
  • Workout: 30 minute Treadmill 30 minute Lift
  • Success: My workout went so well, and I actually enjoyed it!
  • Needs Improvement: I had so many cravings today and turned into Taco Bell. I didn’t do it, but it was a STRUGGLE to say no.

Friday January 10th

  • Weight: 257.8 lbs
  • What I ate: 1,128 Calories
  • Workout: 40 Minutes Treadmill
  • Success: Had SO many tempting things I could have had at work today, passed on all of them.
  • Needs Improvement: Nothing today, except maybe my attitude 😉

Saturday January 11th

  • Weight: 257.4 lbs
  • What I ate: 1,436 Calories
  • Workout: Squats, push-ups, other body weight exercises at home, 15 minuets.
  • Success: Skipped the snacking, even with many opportunities to.
  • Needs Improvement: Didn’t make it to the gym, worked out at home.

Sunday January 12th

  • Weight: Did not weigh
  • What I ate: 1,269 Calories
  • Workout: Squats, push-ups, other body weight exercises at home, 20 minuets.
  • Success: Had pizza today but still stayed within my calorie!
  • Needs Improvement: Skipped the gym to watch football…that might be ok LOL

Monday January 13th

  • Weight: 257.0 lbs
  • What I ate: 1,347 Calories
  • Workout: 45 Minutes Treadmill and Lift 15 Minutes
  • Success: Back at the Gym and Fasted from Sunday night to 1 pm Monday!
  • Needs Improvement: Gave in and ate leftover pizza, still stayed under my calories. Didn’t need the pizza, but kept it under control.

Tuesday January 14th

  • Weight: 257.0 lbs
  • What I ate: 1,068 Calories
  • Workout:25 Minute Treadmill, 30 Minute Lift
  • Success: Fasted from 6 pm Monday night until Noon on Tuesday!
  • Needs Improvement: Kinda gave up on the treadmill, but made up for it lifting.

Wednesday January 15th

  • Weight: 256.4
  • What I ate: 1,161 Calories
  • Workout: 25 Minutes Treadmill, 25 Minutes Lift
  • Success: Scale is moving again, and I can feel a BIG difference in how my clothes are fitting!
  • Needs Improvement: I didn’t eat much today. Which sounds like a win, but I was dragging by my workout and I felt like I didn’t workout longer because my food intake/energy was so much lower than normal. Need to find a good balance.


Thursday January 16th

  • Weight: 255.2 lbs
  • What I ate: 1,106 Calories
  • Workout: 30 minutes treadmill, 20 minutes lift.
  • Success: No cravings
  • Needs Improvement: I ate too few calories. Felt like crap.

Friday January 17th

  • Weight: 253.2!! (At home) 254.0 at weigh in with clothes on. Down 1.5% Body Fat.

*The rest of today will be on the next update*

8lbs down for the challenge so far and 18lbs since January 1st!

Partner is down 4lbs and .2% body fat!




LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

I’ve heard great things about this fitness tracker AND my daughter happens to have this one. I’m feeling like I should order one soon. She really likes telling me about her sleep, steps, and gets excited about reaching new goals. WIN. This is a great, affordable alternative to the more expensive fitness tools. If you’d like to give this a try you can order it here. *Affiliate link* 🙂



A Shout out to Amberlynn Reid (YouTube)

Thank You Amberlynn Reid.

The Lose It Weight Loss Challenge Announcement

Lose It Weight Loss Challenge: Cereal Killers.

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