Lose It Weight Loss Challenge Update 1/23/19

It’s been 1 week since my last weigh in. I haven’t been to the gym, and eating is the last thing on my mind.

The entire family came down with Influenza B. Allison had already had it and been symptom free for almost a WEEK and we still managed to get it. I kept her away from us, ran around with wipes and bleach in my hands, and washed everything. And we still got it.

I’ve been tracking what few calories I’ve consumed. I’ve been staying hydrated, and the scale is going down. Almost 8 days later and I’m finally starting to feel somewhat normal. Still exhausted. Eleanor is finally fever free after 3 LONG nights. Jeff was the last to show symptoms. Hopefully this is the end of the sickness for this Winter. We’ve had the stomach bug, colds, and now the actual Flu.

I plan to start really logging my meals and heading to the gym by this weekend, hopefully.


It’s amazing how much we take health for granted. I was sick so long I couldn’t remember what it was like when I could breathe through both nostrils…


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