Amberlynn Reid: Just Do It.

It’s February. January was the longest year of my life. Our girl Amberlynn, the newest weight loss expert on YouTube has arrived. She is out of the weight loss channel hiding and has ascended to her Ted Talk Podium.

She’s down 50 lbs give or take some water weight and swelling. I sincerely HOPE this is true. I believe it’s true, and I hope it continues.

My issue…

Stop telling us what you ‘should’ do, what you ‘want’ to do, and what you ‘plan’ to do. Just freaking DO IT.

Your audience is tired of the sit down, lecture style, videos. Yes it’s your channel and you can do what you please, you should, but instead of talking about it, DO IT.

  • Go for walks.
  • Meal Prep.
  • Get out of the House.
  • Leave the Excuses and Explanations behind.

I swear if I hear her say this is not a weight loss channel again, I’m going to lose my shit.

You are not an expert.

You are not hosting your first Ted Talk.

Stop saying, start DOING.


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