Goodbye January!

January was not easy.

The sun has been MIA for almost the entire month.

The lack of daylight is killing my energy levels.

I’ve had zero social interaction.

I’ve been sick, worked, and worked.

All of us have been hating on January so hard. It got me thinking…

What went well this month? What were the positives?




  1. 22 lbs gone.
  2. Went from daily fast food stops, to only two stops for the entire month AND stayed within my calories.
  3. No pop for the entire month, not even a craving for one.
  4. Consistent gym effort (other than the flu time).
  5. Wearing jeans for the first time in over 16 months.
  6. Was able to keep my grazing at bay during the Super Bowl festivities. #GoChiefs
  7. Never gave into myself. I never let an excuse as to why I was ‘too busy’ or ‘tired’ get in my way.
  8. Stayed within my calorie goal everyday.
  9. Kept my triggers under control. Boredom, stayed busy. Car rides, took a different route. Fast food, planned ahead and said NO.
  10. My family is healthy, and I’m getting there.

There you have it. 10 reasons January wasn’t so bad after all. Even if your January wasn’t sunshine and rainbows or beaches and margaritas, you are alive and able to try again in February. Don’t give up on those goals or resolutions.


It does not matter when you start, just that you start.

Goodbye January, hello goals!


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