Lose It Weight Loss Challenge: 4th Weigh In 2/14/20

Happy Valentines Day!


It’s also weigh in day!


Two weeks ago I weighed in at 252 lbs, today I weighed in at…248 lbs! And bonus, at home without the gym clothes I was 247 lbs! I also went down another 1% body fat. I didn’t catch the number before they wrote it down, I will make sure to at the next weigh in.

With a starting weight of 271 lbs, I’m at a total loss of 23 lbs!

Over the last two weeks I’ve felt so much better after a LONG battle with flu and cold. I was able to say no to fast food multiple times, and did not go over my calories. I’m still going strong on zero pop as well.

As I’m writing this my partner has not been to the gym to weigh in yet. I will catch you up with her on the next update on 2/28.

My goal for the next two weeks is to extend my workouts. I’m finding it hard to get past the hour. I’m normally doing 20-30 min on the treadmill and 20-30 weight lifting. I would really like to bump the treadmill up to 30-40 min, lift for 30 min, and do either the stair machine, row machine, or something higher intensity as well. Something to burn those calories and change it up a bit.

In other news it’s been COLD the last few days. Today I came to work with my vehicle saying -13. I won’t complain too much since we’ve had a very mild Winter with minimal snow, but I’ll go ahead and say, I’ve ready for SPRING!


Warmer temps are just around the corner. Definitely ready to be outside, in the sun, and active.




If you missed the first three weigh in’s and any other updates, you can check them out!

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