Lose It Weight Loss Challenge: 5th Weigh In 2/28/20

Today was weigh in number 5!

I knew going into this weigh in I would not see much movement on the scale. I started lifting over the last month and just like I predicted a 1 lbs loss. I’m down to 246 lbs. Not a huge movement. The number that made me feel better was the body fat percentage. I’m down to 40% on the dot! 3% body fat gone in 8 weeks, while still breastfeeding.

That’s a win for me.


My partner weighed in at 250. She is down 5 lbs total. A loss is a loss. Progress is progress. Even if we don’t take 1st place, this challenge has laid the ground work for healthy eating habits, breaking unhealthy habits, and getting active.

Four more weeks to go with a weigh in on the 13th and the final on the 27th!

My personal goal was to lose a total of 30 lbs by the end of March. I’m at 24 lbs lost, 6 to go. I can do it, hopefully more.


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