My Favorite at Home Workouts.

*This is not a TED talk, I’m not that smart*


Well I’m officially tired of talking about, reading about, and thinking about Coronavirus. We’re all feeling a certain way.

As of today (Iowa) we our tentatively out of school for 4 weeks, businesses have adjusted their hours of operation, and social distancing is in full force. I’ve waited my entire life for this: a valid reason to stay home and avoid social functions.

On one hand I feel like the media is blowing this way out of proportion, on the other I’m happy to see we are taking it seriously.

Living in America doesn’t guarantee protection from things like this. This is outside our comfort zone. Something we haven’t dealt with in a long time, and it’s mostly out of our control. We are giving control to the doctors and lawmakers, who happen to be some of the most trusted AND distrustful people, all in one bunch.

No matter your political affiliation or how you feel about modern “medicine” this is new to most of us. The first time in a LONG time where we our daily lives have been disrupted and the control feels gone.

I’m choosing to trust in the people in charge, do what I can to stay positive, and be prepared. My hope is that a few months from now we can look back and think maybe we overreacted a bit, rather than wishing we had done more. Error on the side of caution. Work as one team…

Wash your hands. Stay home when you can. Help your neighbors.

The one positive to take from this: Be prepared, not scared. This is a true test of how you and we as a country handle hard times. This isn’t on another continent or across an ocean, it’s here, and no one is above it.

And finally…my gym CLOSED!?

I knew it was coming. I didn’t want to think about it, but I knew it. My FIRST first-world problem…

Since I don’t have a home gym, here are some of my favorite at home workouts! I found all of these on Pinterest so I cannot take credit for them, but they’ve been my go-to ‘cheat sheets’ for quite a few years.


Each of these focuses on a specific workout like arms, chest, back, Core and so on. I normally take a few from each sheet to get a full body. I like to add ‘loop’s resistance bands to get even more out of my workout.


Hopefully a few weeks from now we’ll all be filled to the brim with quality family time, ready to get back out and enjoy some Spring weather. We can all tell our quarantine stories. Stay clear of the crappy food, stay active at home, and May the odds be ever in your favor.


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