School is OUT!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I promise it’s for good reason.

We are on day 40(ish) of ‘Social Distancing’ and in Iowa we aren’t on ‘Lockdown’. School is out for the rest of the year (19-20), gyms and salons are still closed, and only essentials are working.

So many are bummed about school being out. I do feel for the Seniors, but for the rest, we’re going to make it, I promise.

If missing two months of school is the ‘worst’ thing your child goes through, they’ll be alright. Take a deep breath, sharpen those pencils, and prepare for at least one more month of at home learning. We’ve got this!


My lack of posting is due mainly to at home learning. We’re doing Math that involved measuring, fractions, and finding the area or size of objects. Working on adjectives, verbs, and dropping letters and adding others. Antonyms and spelling. Thirty minutes of reading a day and educational computer games. I’ve also added in my favorites. A little Geography, History, and Science!

We’re working on the 50 States, their Capitals, and locating each state on a map.  The Solor System and how planets were named. Next we plan on some Science projects. We already observed Iowa Weather and how we can go from 70 degrees and sunny to 6 inches of snow overnight and melt off by the afternoon.

Allison isn’t the only one learning. I’ve been working on my baking skills and cooking isn’t as dreadful.



Yes school is out, but quality family time is in. We’re enjoying our time together 95% of the time. Let’s be real…we aren’t perfect. I forgot how bossy an almost 2 year old with a growing vocabulary can be! I also didn’t realize an almost 10 year old and toddler had so much to argue about…

On a more serious note. Myself and Jeff are off work for a week. He was tested for this nasty virus this week so until his results come back we are at home. Hopefully the results come back sooner rather than later, and hopefully they are NEGATIVE. Believe it or not, I’m ready to go back to work. I love being home, but away time is great, especially when I know the girls are in good hands with their dads, or grandparents.

As of right now I think we’ve done what we can to minimize the effects. We are doing the right thing by keeping the kids home, but it’s time to ease up the other restrictions. Let’s get back to work, stay SMART by taking precautions, and let’s get back to life.






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