Health Update

Well, we made it to the halfway point. July is here. This 2020 Weight Loss graphic pretty much explains everything.


January I started at 272 lbs and as of June 30th I’m 234 lbs. March and May taught me that diet is so, SO very important. I mean I ‘knew’ this but now I KNOW it. Once the gym was ripped away I thought, no worries, I’ll stay active at home. Wrong answer. Being home all the time was challenging and made all my bad habits hard to control. Good news, I was able to eat decently and maintain. I avoided the “quarantine 15” but I also missed out on 2 months of activity. My home workouts were minimal. I walked when I could but that was about it.

Mid May I started working with my health coach and it’s been great ever since.

I’m hoping to really hit the gym hard in July. By August I’d like to see 225-220 lbs on the scale.






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  1. katey26 says:

    Well done on your progress 😃

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    1. Thank you! 🙂

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