My New Addiction: Mini Cucumbers

Where have mini cucumbers been my entire life? Why are mini cucumbers so much better than a regular sized cucumber? The answer to those questions are difficult to articulate but I can tell you one thing mini cucumbers are GREAT.

Everyday for at least a solid week now I’ve been having mini cucumbers with a combination of other items. Like a mini charcuterie board.


The 4 must have items are of course the mini cucumbers, chive and onion cream cheese, everything bagel seasoning on the cream cheese, and another favorite fresh mozzarella pearls. Whisps, a new low-carb love, and pico are add on’s. If I’m feeling like having carbs I switch out Whisps for Stacy’s Pita Chips.

The everything bagel seasoning on the chive and onion cream cheese I saw on Facebook and I’m so happy I gave it a try. Such a good savory and healthy snack.

There are a few different Whisps flavors. The Pepper Jack and Asiago Cheese flavor are really good, with a little kick of spice.

What are your go-to snacks?

The mini cucumbers must be working!




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  1. katey26 says:

    Hummus is definitely a go-to snack for me 😋 It goes great with mini cucumbers too, which I have also recently discovered 😃

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    1. Hummus is another favorite. I like to add the everything Bagel Seasoning to the plain hummus too!

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      1. katey26 says:

        Ooo, adding a seasoning is a great idea 🙂

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