Foodie Beauty, Please Stop.

Posting something a little different today.

First some explanation.

I find a lot of inspiration on YouTube. I follow many health and fitness channels of all different approaches. Some sugar coat it, some cover it with F-bombs, and others are polite yet to the point.

On the flip side I follow a few channels who are…what’s the nicest way to say it? Lost?

It’s like watching a train wreck and I can’t look away. Today I want to talk about Foodie Beauty.

Her name is Chantal. She started as a “weight loss channel” but quickly changed to and “Eating” or “Mukbang” channel. Over the years she has gained weight. If I had to guess it would be somewhere between 75 to 125 pounds. She is currently 400 (ish) pounds and not slowing down. She’s gone from fun and mobile to bitter and ordering a walker.

I personally, have been watching her for over a year now hoping she would get healthy, but nothing has stuck. Remember, train wreck, I can’t look away. Even when I’m ready to be done I keep checking, hoping she makes the changes. She constantly goes in cycles which her followers point out.

1. She starts weight loss.

2. It becomes hard, she becomes defiant.

3. She fails and binges and binges and binges.

4. She gets tired of the binge and recognizes she needs to change.

This cycle repeats itself monthly, weekly, heck even sometimes daily. I really hope the best for Chantal, but for now her channel is a perfect example of what not to do.

She places a lot of blame on the pressure SHE puts on herself by sharing on YouTube. Easy fix, get off YouTube.

I’m going to share a few video clips (Fair Use of course). These clips are from her one of her most recent ‘falls off the wagon’. She had started another weight loss ‘journey’ because she thought she had Diabetes. That’s a whole other issue. Now she is claiming she doesn’t even though she said her doctor referred her to a Diabetes clinic and she needed to repair the damage she had done to her body. Anyways, 4 days later here we are. The health ‘Journey’ is over and the Binge and excuses are on.

With each video I will share my thoughts. I know many of you probably don’t know her, but even in these short clips there’s something we can take from it. Everyone can do a little self reflection and see if this translates into something we are guilty of now and need to address, or something we’ve improved on and recognize it now.

Please remember, I’m not here to shame anyone, but to learn from what Chantal puts out to the PUBLIC.

Video 1

Weight Loss “Isn’t my thing”

Weight loss might not be your “thing” but that’s life. Being healthy is a factor of life that you can’t avoid without consequences.
We try until we succeed. Nothing is a failure until you give up completely. Others will always have opinions. None of those opinions matter. Looks are meaningless, but health is everything. Everything worth fighting for is hard or “tedious” and can be miserable at times but only you can change that.
“My way” has not worked for you, thus 400 lbs.
The very definition of COURAGE: the ability to do something that frightens one.
If you had courage you could step up and be successful even though it frightens you.

Video 2.
“I can have my cake and eat it too.”

Before you click play, keep in mind, Chantal is a self-proclaimed Food Addict/Binge eater.

A healthy relationship with food is extremely important BUT you shouldn’t be looking at certain foods as GOOD or BAD, you need to be looking at them as:

“Is this food good for my health right now?”
“Does this food help me reach the goals I have in mind?”

Sure, one piece of chocolate cake is nothing to be ashamed of, but if you are a self-proclaimed “food addict” or “binge eater” is that cake a good idea right now?
You can have the cake but first you need to be in control. Don’t let the food control YOU. If you aren’t in control you will feel shame and guilt, but if you are in control you won’t feel that way. You know that it’s just a piece of cake, you can eat a normal portion, remain in control, and burn that sucker off later. You don’t need it every day and you don’t need or want the entire cake.
Until you take control of your feelings and relationship with food, the cake needs to stay away.

This clip makes me view her as a child being told no. If you watch any of her other videos, especially the “fall off the wagon” videos she is defiant. She will not be told what to do or how to live but wants to continue to put things out publicly and expects zero criticism or accountability.

Video 3.
“It’s so hard to be me.”

I’ll paint the basic picture. Chantal has no children. She lives with a friend in Canada where healthcare is FREE and therapy is FREE. She makes her living on YouTube, meaning she makes her own schedule.

Keep these things in mind when she talks about how ‘hard’ it is.

No one wants to talk about their insecurities and issues but avoiding them won’t make them go away. You can’t hide from your health or your problems.

I’m not going to say your life isn’t hard, but you have such a fantastic opportunity to do something about your health.

You have no one to care for but YOU.

No 9-5, no children, not even a spouse.

You are wasting precious time all because it’s “hard”.
Physically demanding? Takes up your time? Imagine having actual responsibilities.
“I do have good habits.” You can deny, deny, deny but the truth won’t go away. Your health doesn’t lie. The weight gain, Diabetes ‘scare’, and walker you ordered don’t lie.

I really hate to sound so harsh, but this clip had me really BOTHERED, I said it! I think this clip hits me right in the gut because I know SO MANY women, myself included, who work their asses off, raise amazing children, care for everyone else, and have hardly any time for themselves yet we still GET IT DONE. The kicker…I have a relatively ‘easy’ life. I mean we have struggles, but knock on wood, we have a nice home, food on the table, and little to no major health issues.

Here Chantal is at home making videos, petting her cats, and she can’t set aside an hour to prep some meals, and even 30 minutes to go for a walk? She can’t go to free doctors appointments or free therapy sessions?


Foodie Beauty, PLEASE Stop.

 “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

Hope this wasn’t too far out from my normal and I really hope each of you took something positive away from this.


*Video Clips fall under FAIR USE*

If you want to see her original video you can find it HERE.


Here’s a link to my YouTube video on Chantal.

A Message to Foodie Beauty From Chantal.”

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  1. I can’t stand listening to people who complain about things but do nothing about them and put the blame everywhere but themselves. I wish this girl the best but I could never watch her.

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    1. It’s like watching a train wreck 😦

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  2. Exactly. Makes me cringe!

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Therapy isnt free in Canada…just sayin


  4. Health care is so I guess the savings she gets from not having to pay for health care she can spend on therapy. Either way, she needs to get help so I guess prioritize and make it happen.


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