2020 is Not Cancelled.

So far 2020 has been interesting. If you’re watching the news it’s been the worst year ever, we should just give up, and stay in our houses forever until the government says we can come out…

Anyway, I’m not here to be political or argumentative at all, so why am I here?

2020 is Not Cancelled. 2020 has never been Cancelled. 2020 can still be great.

First way to improve your 2020, turn off your TV. Next suggestion, focus on the things you can control and do your best to improve them. For me I can control 2 things. What I eat, and my activity level. If you’ve followed me for a while you know in January I made a goal to get my health back in order. March and April I almost let the ‘curse of 2020’ take over but reality set in and I realized I’m still in control of my personal health.


As of July 31st I’m down 46 lbs. I would like to be under 200 lbs by the end of 2020. It’s totally doable but knowing my body, last time I was under 200 lbs, the last 20-ish pounds took some serious WORK.

I’m still posting my daily meals on Instagram, including calories, protein, fat, and carbs. I’m not following any certain ‘diet’ just keeping my calories in check and trying to end the day with more protein than carbs and healthy fats.  It’s not rocket science, just a little math and accountability. I’m still working with my trainer through Damn Collective Coaching aka Every Day Day Fitness. I use My Fitness Pal to track my meals and my newest fitness addiction my Fitbit Versa 2! GET ONE. If you’re competitive at all, get one! I never knew how inactive I could be at work, and how active I could be if someone challenged me!? I love my Fitbit. I even have a band that looks like a black scrunchy. Finally the scrunchy has the come-back it deserves…


Other than health and fitness, many things are changing for my family. We are hopefully moving and remodeling a house soon. I’ve decided to homeschool this year and no it’s not for fear of a virus, it’s for many other reasons that just happened to all align and allow me the chance to do something I’ve always wanted to. I started a new shift at work which will have it’s positives and a few negatives but we will make it work. The next major change will be probably the hardest. After 2 years of breastfeeding I will be calling it quits. It’s been amazing, but I think she is ready to be done as well. We have a few weeks left so I plan to soak it all up and enjoy every second of it and post more about it later.

Other than that, here’s an awesome shirt I found. You should get one too! I purchased 3 shirts in total, I will share those in the future. If you want one, Relentless Defender is the site!


Remember 2020 is not Cancelled. There’s still plenty of time to start something new, finish something you already started, or make some improvement. All is not lost.

I mean Foodie Beauty has started, ended, restarted, ended again, and re-restarted at least 5 times now. I’ll admit it, I’ve been watching the train wreck and it’s very hard to look away. There’s always time for another new journey. I wish people would stop saying ‘health journey’, heck I’ve probably said it, but it’s life and there will always be ups and downs, you don’t get to start and stop. It’s not like Lord of the rings and you’ve been living your life and all of a sudden you’re on a new quest. You’re actually in the middle. You’ve eaten your way to the bottom of the pit, you’re stuck, and now you need to dig and climb your way out. Believe me, it’s easy to get there, but so hard to get out.

I’ll leave you with a clip from her latest video. Looks like she still hasn’t found the bottom of the pit…






Foodie Beauty, Please Stop.

How to Identify Your Trigger Foods.

Calories In, Calories Out














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