Toy Story 2nd Birthday Party

Two Infinity and Beyond!

Over the weekend we celebrated Eleanor’s 2nd Birthday. A few close friends and family and lots of Toy Story. This year I went a little light on the decorations and by lite I mean 1 balloon garland instead of double. Honestly it was scaled way down from last year but it wasn’t any less fun and just as special. Everything was ordered off Amazon, Etsy, or Walmart. I’ve attached link to everything on Amazon and Etsy.


Cow Print Table Cover -Amazon

Alien Hanging Decorations -Amazon

Balloon Garland – Amazon

Slinky Dog Hanging Decor – Walmart

Toy Story Banner – Walmart


Bo Peep Outfit – Etsy

Bo Peep Bow– Etsy

Matching Shoes – Walmart


Two Infinity and Beyond Banner – Amazon

Buzz Balloon – Amazon

Woody Balloon – Amazon

Toy Story Table Cover – Walmart


Cupcakes are funfetti with cream cheese frosting made by me! I like to use recipes on Pinterest, ” How to make box cake better?” Here is the one I’ve gone back to a few times. Also note, instead of water I use milk. Moist and delicious. Also worked perfectly with the funfetti box cake I made.

And here is Eleanor telling everyone she is TWO!





Pastel Rainbow 1st Birthday!

Tie-Dye Cupcakes

DIY Dessert Stand

Baby Girl’s 1st Birthday Party Ideas

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