ColourPop Tie Dye and Blue Light Blenders

So Instagram finally won. I was scrolling last week and came across the ColourPop Tie Dye Collection, their new foundation, and some blue light glasses. All the things I could not live without.

First off let me say, I spend my entire work day and a little time at home looking at a computer screen (or 8). I only need glasses to drive so I don’t wear them while working. I always get near and far sighted confused so I’ll just say I can see close up but not far away LOL. Anywaaaays, recently my eyes have been bothering me at work. Slight headache, tired, and so on. I did a quick google search and came across ‘blue light’ fatigue. Basically staring at a computer and how to help your eyes. Many say this is crap and glasses made for ‘blue light’ are a joke. I’m no scientist but I’m willing to give it a try. Since our phones and computers listen to us THINK, I got on Instagram and the first ad I saw was for a brand of glasses, Blenders, and it was for their Blue Light Blocking glasses. They look like an 80’s throw back and I’m here for it. SOLD.

blendI’m on night 2 of wearing them and I can honestly say I haven’t had a headache. Could this be a coincidence? Who knows, but if there’s one thing 2020 has taught me is nothing is a coincidence, so I’m going to call it a win. Plus, they are comfy on the face, kinda retro cute, and my IQ went up at least 5 points the first time I put them on. If you want to give them a try HERE you go. I get nothing from clicking that link, only the satisfaction of knowing I’m saving all your eyes from the dreaded blue light. The style I ordered are ‘Clearly Wild’ because I’m clearly wild… Ok I’m done.

After I hit the purchase button for the Blenders I resumed my Instagram scroll and came across the Tie Dye Collection by ColourPop. Sold. Tie Dye is back and I’m again, here for it. It was never really over for me. While I was skimming the ColourPop site I also found a few more things to try. A new hyaluronic hydrating foundation, jelly shadow, pressed blush, some skin care, and some lashes.

found   foundation

I already tried the foundation and I can say I really like it. Very smooth finish and solid coverage.

The Tie Dye Collection Palettes did not disappoint. ColourPop has some really fantastic eyeshadow formulas and they are affordable. This collection is so bright and pigmented. I am in LOVE. I’ve already tried the ‘In a Trance’ palette. The light blue and light purple colors are AMAZING.

From the new‘Wild Nothing’collection I picked out the blush and a jelly shadow. The entire collection was sold out, but these two items stuck out to me. I would like to get the palette as well. The blush is very pigmented and a great color for me.

Instagram really got me this time. Luckily I’m really digging the items I ordered. Hopefully my 80’s style glasses work out, if not at least they’re cute!


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