All About LindsAy

I’m Lindsay, a thirty something year old mother, trying to get healthy and be happy. I have one amazing daughter  TWO amazing daughters, Allison and Eleanor, and a pretty sweet boyfriend. I enjoy creating, being active, and spending time with friends and family. I crochet when I have time, and sneak in a little reality TV when I need to unwind.

In my blog you’ll find Tips & Tricks for breastfeeding, gym routines that work for me, and anything creative and fun. I have a new found love of makeup and am enjoying practicing my skills while watching tutorials. I like to be open and honest about motherhood and life. We all fall short, but together we can be better. ❤




Photo Credit Kally Leopard Photography




Photo Credit Sarah Siler Photography




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  1. Awesome blog. I have been following your blog and couldn’t find any contact info, so I figured I would leave a comment here.. if you’re interested in collabs and a free blog design makeover hit me up at

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