Too Faced Christmas Star Collection

I spotted this collection on the Ulta website a few weeks before Christmas. The set was priced at $44 with a $213 value. For once in my life my procrastination was worth it. The next time I checked on this set, on Christmas Eve, it was now half price at $22! ORDERED. This is an…

Blogmas Day 27:Too Faced White Peach Palette

  Lot’s of palettes this month, so here’s another. I purchased the Too Faced Peach Palette at Marshall’s a few months back. The orange shades are what attracted me to it.  The shades in this palette give me a sunset vibe more than a peach feeling.   I’ve used this palette a few times already….

Natural Makeup Using Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals

When you live in yoga pants, t-shirts, and flip-flops you are probably like me, you don’t require much makeup. Once in a while there’s that special occasion. The day you wear a brand new pair of yoga pants, and you put the flip-flops away (it’s under 32 degrees). It’s the perfect day for makeup.  …

Beauty Products I’m Loving, September.

September is just about over. I can’t say I tried a bunch of new beauty products, but I did try a few and the few that I did try, I really liked. I didn’t go out much this month so most of my makeup was worn for everyday casual or work. Here is my basic…

Beauty Products I’m Loving, July.

First off, I’m no beauty guru. I’m slowly learning about make up and for the first time, enjoying it. Here are some products I’ve tried and now LOVE. Number one reason I love them, easy for a beginner to use. Physicians Formula Argan Wear. This is a 3 pack and I love all 3 products….